Affordable Housing Board

The Affordable Housing Board consists of five members, one member of the governing body, a member of the Board of Assistance, and three additional residents of the Town, appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council.

The responsibilities of the Affordable Housing Board are:

  • Govern the sale of affordable housing units to lower income persons
  • Assure that the housing units built, renovated or converted for lower income housing will remain available to lower income persons for the appropriate period of time required
  • Establish eligibility criteria for persons wishing to purchase lower income housing in the Town of Clinton
  • Establish screening mechanisms to ensure that all lower income housing units are occupied only by lower income households
  • Maintain waiting lists of households which may be eligible to purchase lower-income dwelling units
  • Oversee the administration of funds made available to the town for lower income housing from developer contributions or from public sources
  • Regulate the resale of lower income housing units

There are no standard meeting times for the Affordable Housing Board.

For information on Affordable Housing in the Town of Clinton, contact Richard Phelan at 908-735-8616 or email.

Additional information is available on qualifying income limits and on the NJ Council of Affordable Housing website.

Click here for the list of affordable housing units.



3 Year Term Expires

Mayor Kovach

Council Representative


Albert Rylak

Council Representative


Kathleen Colognato



John Curreri



Sally Simpson

Senior Representative


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