The Town of Clinton requires that all dogs and cats residing in the Town be licensed. Any questions regarding dog/cat licensing should be directed to the Town Clerk at (908) 735-8616. Complete NJ Animal License form .

Animal Emergencies
If you encounter an animal emergency such as an animal bite, vicious or rabid animal, whether domestic or wild, please contact the Town of Clinton Police at 911 or (908) 735-8611. The Town of Clinton Police follow strict protocol when responding to animal calls for service.

Wildlife Sanctuary
The Town of Clinton is designated a “Wildlife Sanctuary” by Town Ordinance and all Hunting is prohibited by Ordinance within the limits of the Town. Driving or pursuing an animal through closed areas to open areas, with the intention of killing it, is prohibited. This is considered hunting under the Code of Federal Regulations. (CFR)

Feeding of Waterfowl
Town of Clinton ordinance prohibits the feeding of migratory waterfowl and abandonment of domestic or migratory waterfowl and provides penalties for violation of this ordinance.

Black Bear- Believe it or not, You live in Bear Country
Black bears are the largest land mammal in the Garden State and live in forested areas throughout northern New Jersey. Here in the most densely populated state in the nation black bears are thriving in close proximity to people. Black bears are native to the state, but as land was cleared for settlements, timber and farms, and bears were killed indiscriminately, their numbers decreased and their range reduced to the most remote areas in the northern part of the state. The population recovered after being afforded the protection of game animal status and habitat improved as forests matured. Today, New Jersey's black bear population is increasing and expanding, as is the number of conflicts between humans and black bears. The Town of Clinton Police Department has officers, who have been trained by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, specifically on how to handle black bear/human encounters.

If you are experiencing an emergency, nuisance or damage problem related to bears, please contact the Town of Clinton Police at 911 or (908) 735-8611 or the Division of Fish and Wildlife at (908)735-8793.

For more information involving Black Bears visit the NJ Fish and Wildlife website at:

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