Fire Safety & Prevention

The Town of Clinton Fire Prevention Department is a local level enforcement agency responsible for enforcement of the State of New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Act. Basically, this means that ALL businesses in the Town are inspected to verify compliance with the State of New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Code. This code is a maintenance code, which means that once the building or space has been occupied, it must be maintained in a "fire safe" manner. Even if a space becomes vacant, it will be inspected to verify fire code compliance.

Some examples of typical violations are electrical hazards, absence of reports for the fire protection equipment, obstructed exit paths and doors, exit and emergency lighting not functioning, unsafe storage conditions near heating equipment just to name just a few.

Other duties of the Fire Official involve fire investigations, fire safety education and handling fire safety complaints.

Fire prevention is no accident. Fire Prevention is a family affair and a lifetime commitment. The NJ Fire Safety website will assist your efforts to keep your family informed of the dangers of a fire.

Fire Prevention Forms

There are various forms that the Fire Prevention Office uses. The following is a list of only some of the forms commonly used. All of these can be obtained at the Town Hall offices.

Application for Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Compliance Certificate - used when a residential home is to be sold or an apartment has a change in tenancy. This informational document also includes carbon monoxide and fire extinguisher placement directions.

Application for a Fire Safety Permit - used based on a specific type of hazard.

Application for a Variance from the Uniform Fire Code - used only when the fire code cannot be complied with.

Request for an Extension of Time of a Fire Safety Violation - used when a fire code violation cannot be corrected in the time frame specified.

Tent and Cooking Permit Application Procedures