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West Main Street

  • 25 West Main
  • Clinton Railroad Station Depot - Lehigh Valley Line, 1881
  • Railroad Tracks of Lehigh Valley Line, spur to Clinton, 1881
  • Clinton Music Hall - 23 West Main
  • Poulhemous' Blacksmith House and Shop - 33 West Main

Just Outside Town

North Side of the Street

Main Street and East Main Street

South Side of the Street
  • Old Grandin Library - 12 East Main
North Side of the Street

Lower Center and Center Street

South Side of the Street
  • Parry Mansion - 12 Lower Center Street
  • Corson's/Weller's/Union Hotel; First National Bank - 32 Center Street
  • Van Syckel House - 46 Center Street
  • Michael Mulligan House - 76-78 Center Street
North Side of the Street
  • 135 Center Street
  • Early mill-associated structure - 27 Lower Center Street
  • The Long House - 19-23 Lower Center Street
  • Dunham/Parry Grist Mill - 7 Lower Center Street

Halstead Street

This street was named after Arthur Halstead who built many of the homes on Water Street and around the Methodist Church.

During the famine in Ireland, many immigrants came to the U.S. The Mulligan brothers settled in Clinton and began working in the quarry; they eventually purchased it. They also purchased a lot near the cemetery and built a home. Halstead Street became known as "Irish Town" because most of the Irish mill workers rented homes on Halstead.

East Side of the Street

West Side of the Street

Water Street

North Side of the Street

Leigh Street

North Side of the Street