Hunterdon Area Energy Cooperative

Government Energy Aggregation (GEA) is a program that came from the passing of the Government Energy Aggregation Act of 2003 by the New Jersey Legislature. This law gave municipalities and counties the ability to aggregate the energy usage of the residential and non-residential ratepayers in order to conduct a bulk bid or auction in order to attempt to get the lowest possible price at that given time in order to maximize the benefits of deregulation to the participants. These benefits include a lower utility cost and an increased number of suppliers to choose from within New Jersey.

In 2018, the Town of Clinton took advantage of a state law that allows us to establish a Community Energy Aggregation Program. For municipalities that choose to participate, this program permits the aggregation of all residential customers within participating municipalities for the purpose of competitively purchasing electricity at rates lower than are currently available from your electric utility. The Town of Clinton, along with three other municipalities, combined the electricity consumption of their residents’ electric accounts, obtained competitive bids from suppliers licensed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to provide electric supply service, and achieved savings for our residents.

How the Program Works: We obtained a rate that is lower than what JCP&L currently charges for the energy supply portion of your bill.  This program offers a flat rate and is designed to offer a reduced rate without the risk of unexpected rate increases, unlike other variable Third Party Supply (TPS) contracts. This means the rate will remain the same for the term of the contract.

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