Council Committee and Department/Board Assignments

Below represents 2020 Council or assignments
Affordable Housing BoardTerm
Janice Kovach, Council Representative2019
Kathleen Colognato2020 
John Curreri2020
Board of Assistance
Janice Kovach, Mayor
Cecilia Covino, Clerk
Board of Health (3-Year Appointment/Mayor Appointment)Term
Lisa Intrabartola, Council Representative 
Ann Holt2021         
Judy Lilien2019
Sally Simpson2019
Beth Sosidka2020
Board of Recreation Commission (Mayor Appointment)Term
Megan Johnson, Council Representative (Planary Member, Non-voting member)2019               
Lisa Intrabartola, Council Representative (Ex-Officio Member, Voting member)2019
Rosemary Pendergast, (5-Year Term)2022
Sean Rogan, (5-Year Term), Vice Chair 2021
Nancy Smith2020
Mary Ann Shea2023
Brad Cohen, Chair2023
David Kelleher2019
Jeremy Padmos2020
Mary Fran Daley  2024
Paul C. Arnold, Alternate2024
Economic Development/Grants
Sherry Dineen, Council Representative
Megan Johnson
Rielly Karsh
John Creech, Liaison to the Communications Committee
Elizabeth Halpin
Caryn Tomljanovich
Meredith Hyland 
Emergency Management
Police Chief Cory Kubinak, OEM Coordinator - 1st of 3-year appointment
Chris Miller, OEM Deputy Coordinator
Environmental Commission (3-Year Appointment/Mayor Appointment)Term
Mike Humphrey, Council Representative 
, Chair2021           
Veronique Lambert2020
Christine Adornetto 
Tamara Healy, Liaison to the Land Use Board2021
, Shade Tree Liaison2020
Historic Commission (3-Year Appointment)Term
Richard Miller, Town Historian - 1-Year Appointment2020    
Ross Traphagen, Council Representative2022
Roger Mellick2020  
Carol Crawford-Jones2022
Marcia Hansen2020
Sharon Dysart2020
Carol Beder2020
Rosemarie Platt2020
Land Use Board (4-Year Appointment)Term
Craig Sailer, Chair2023
Steve Feldmann, Vice Chair2021
Sherry Dineen, Council Rep/Liaison to Economic Development2021       
Donna Van Weeren, Liaison to Historic Commission2020
Tamara Healy, Liaison to Environmental Commission2021
Janice Kovach, Mayor2023
Neil Viotto2021
James Smith2020
Brian Lubsen2021
Chesley Snider, Alternate2020
Vacancy, Alternate2021
Communications Committee (1-Year Appointment)
Michael Humphrey, Council Representative
Lisa Intrabartola, Council Representative
John Creech, Liaison to EDC
Nancy Burgess
Office on Aging (1-Year Appointment/Mayor Appointment)
Mary Ann Rodenberger, Municipal Coordinator
Shade Tree Commission (5-Year Appointment)Term
Ross Traphagen, Council Rep 
, Liaison to Environmental Commission2020    
Dan Shea2021
John Kashwick, Chairman 2020
Cecilia Sailer, Secretary2022
Pat Daley 2024