Town of Clinton Water Capacity Reservation Requirements

In order to fairly allocate water within its service area, the Town of Clinton Water Company has enacted policies known as “Water Capacity Reservations”, as outlined in Ordinances 15-01 & 15-02 adopted on March 24, 2015.

Depending on your specific need, applicants will be required to complete the “Request for Will Serve Letter” and/or “Application for Water Reservation”.  Typically, the “Request for Will Serve Letter” would only need to be completed if you need to provide this document as part of your local municipal approval process.  However, this may not be required in every municipality in the Town of Clinton Water Company service area and it is recommended that you speak the municipal offices where the project area is located for guidance.

The classification of “Water Capacity Reservation” is directly related to the total gallons per day requested for the property requesting service. Specifically:

  • “Small Projects”
    • Daily demand is < 1,000 GPD
  • “Large Projects”
    • Daily demand is > 1,000 GPD (NJDEP BWSE Permits Required)

It is strongly encouraged that you contact the Town of Clinton Water Company at 908-735-2265 prior to submitting any application in order to ensure you to not inadvertently submit the incorrect forms.