Finance & Taxes

The Finance Office processes all financial transactions; accounts payable, payroll, revenue, investments, and debt issuance. Outside contractors that support the Finance Office include the independent auditor, bond counsel, computer consultants (software, hardware, & technical support), and banking services. Responsibilities of the Town’s Finance Office, in addition to processing financial transactions, include monitoring compliance with the many state and federal laws and regulations governing municipal finance, providing guidance to other Town Offices on complying with said laws and regulations, internal and external financial reporting, financial planning and other technical assistance to the Mayor and Council in preparing the annual Town Budget, monitoring spending against the adopted Town Budget, and maintaining the computer network infrastructure and supporting software applications used by all Town Offices.

The Assessor is responsible for identifying and placing a value on every parcel of land within the confines of the Town’s borders. The values are derived through the formulation of models developed from closed comparable sales and uniformly applied to comparable housing styles for design, quality, and location. These values become the final assessed values for residential properties.

Commercial Properties are assessed based on income and expense information as well as sales data. Chapters 91’s are mailed out annually to owners. The data compiled from the responses enables us to develop economic rents that are uniformly used on comparable rental properties.

Chapter 75 Assessment cards N.J.S.A. 54:4-38.1 are mailed annually on or before February first of the tax year. An aggrieved taxpayer may contact the Town of Clinton Tax Assessor’s office to discuss their assessment, visit the Town Hall to review property data and closed sales, and/or file an appeal with the Hunterdon County Tax Board. All appeals must be filed with the tax board on or before April first by the close of business. You must serve a complete copy of your Petition of Appeal including all documentation on the Assessor and the Clerk of the Town of Clinton N.J.A.C. 18:12A-1.6(j).

A taxpayer does not file an appeal of his/her taxes but of their assessment. Appeal forms must be obtained from the Hunterdon County Board of Taxation.

Main Street County Complex
71 Main Street - Building #3B
PO Box 2900
Flemington, New Jersey 08822-2900
Phone: (908) 788-1173 | Fax: (908) 806-4641

Applications for the following deductions are available in the Tax Assessor’s office: Veteran, Senior, Disabled or Surviving Spouse. The Property Tax Reimbursement application (PTR-1) for the senior freeze is also available.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathy Olsen Chief Financial Officer (908) 735-2275
Allison Witt Finance Assistant 908-735-2275
Joy Wilson Deputy Treasurer
Fran Kuczynski Tax Assessor