Public Works

Public Works/Business Administrator

The Public Works/Business Administrator shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town of Clinton and shall be responsible to the Mayor and Council for the proper and efficient administration of the business affairs of the Town.

The Public Works/Business Administrator's duties and responsibilities shall relate to the management of all the Town's business, except those duties and responsibilities conferred upon other Town officials by state statute, other applicable laws, rules and regulations promulgated by state, county or Town ordinances or such duties as the Mayor and Council shall reserve or delegate onto itself or to others. The Public Works/Business Administrator shall see that all ordinances, resolutions and policies of the Mayor and Council and all state and federal laws requiring municipal action are faithfully carried out by those persons responsible for doing so.

For the purpose of carrying out the responsibilities of his or her office, the Public Works/Business Administrator shall develop and promulgate for adoption by the Mayor and Council sound administrative, personnel and purchasing practices and procedures for all departments, offices, boards, commissions and agencies of the municipality, all for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Town government. The Public Works/Business Administrator shall perform all of the duties hereinafter enumerated and such other duties as may be assigned by the Mayor and Council. 

The Public Works Department consists of four operating departments: Roads, Building & Grounds, Water, and Sewer Utilities. These departments employ a total of 21 employees, including superintendents, foreman, treatment plant licensed operators, and water facility licensed operators, equipment operators, drivers, laborers, and office support staff.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard Phelan Public Works / Business Administrator (908) 735-8616
Art Dysart Superintendent of Water and Roads 908-735-2265
Bob Niezgoda Superintendent of Sewers 908-735-8383
Dave Burdge Water Foreman 908-735-2265
Steve Higgins Roads/B&G Foreman 908-735-8616
Dave Mess Sewer Foreman 908-735-8383