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Message From Our Mayor

Mayor Janice Kovach
Janice Kovach

As we move into Fall we continue to navigate this new normal - school has started and election season has begun.  With that in mind it is important to highlight for everyone the new voting procedures.  The Governor announced that all registered voters would receive a ballot in the mail by October 5.  If you are not registered to vote you have until October 13th to register, which can be done online through a paper application that is mailed to the Board of Elections or at the DMV.  The community center will be open as a polling location but without the machines.  You can take your mail-in ballot to the polls on Election Day or you can complete a provisional paper ballot.  You will also be able to drop the ballot off at a secure drop box (the Town of Clinton will have a drop box at the County Library on Halstead Street) or mail it back to the County Board of Elections.  We have included all of the information provided by our county clerk on our website at www.clintonnj.gov/home/pages/election-2020.

Althought this may not be your ideal way to vote, I have every confidence in the security and validity of this election.  I hope that as we move forward we will continue to see progress and I know that as a community we will, together, be stronger than ever.  If there are any questions please feel free to reach out - we are here for all of you.


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