Master Plan

The Mission

The mission of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) is to facilitate, promote and direct sustainable economic growth while both protecting and leveraging the natural, historic and cultural assets of the Town of Clinton.

We are a voluntary group of professionals affiliated for the purpose of advising Town Council and the Planning Board on matters related to economic development within the Town of Clinton. We do not make final decisions on approvals or denials of new businesses or expansions to new facilities. We work with developers and prospective business owners to present and explore opportunities within our community.

The Goal

The purpose of Economic Development is to identify Clinton’s current economic conditions (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and barriers), it’s desired future and to lay out general strategies and specific actions by working with Town Council, the Hunterdon County Economic Development Committee, local businesses and other regional/county economic development partners.

The Economic Development Committee seeks to position Clinton as one of the most attractive places in Hunterdon County to live and conduct business. To this end, we will work to create programs and support policies to increase the local tax base and stimulate employment opportunities and attract people to our community to bolster tourism and keep our downtown vibrant.

Recognizing Clinton is a great place to live and raise a family, we also wish to support programs and policies that allow our children to live and work locally through internships, education opportunities and business incubator programs.

The Strategy

Connect with Local Businesses

Retail businesses that attract expenditures by residents and visitors remains a critical component of our local economy. Our goal is to support local businesses by listening to their pain points, making improvements where possible and make Clinton a desirable place to start or expand a business.

Seek Grant Opportunities

Grants offer the potential for additional funding. In working to achieve our goals, the EDC will also seek to further its efforts through external funding and grant opportunities that align with our objectives. In doing so, we hope to also reach out to other organizations/initiatives with similar goals.

Market Our Town

The economy is a dynamic, organic entity that is continually changing. The EDC recognizes the need to be strategic and nimble in the marketing of our Town through website information, print materials and other collateral in order to quickly respond to any opportunities that arise.

Analyze Existing Conditions

In order to further refine our economic goals and attract targeted specific industries to the area, conduct an analysis of existing conditions including but not limited to: land use, demographics, existing zoning and redevelopment areas, organizations and events that support economic development and market potential in Clinton.

Maintain an Inventory

The EDC also plans to create an inventory of current commercial properties in order to strategically connect with economic opportunities as they arise and identify any potential opportunities that should be pursued.

Through these combined efforts, we hope to strengthen Clinton’s economy and maintain our award-winning downtown. The efforts of the EDC represent an opportunity to see where our community currently stands and set a course for continued success.

2008 Town of Clinton Master Plan

2018 Master Plan Reexamination Report