Construction & Zoning For My Home

When is a permit required?

A construction permit is required for everything that is not considered an ordinary repair or maintenance.

The following is a general guide of when permits are required:

This list is not all inclusive-please contact us with any questions

The following are examples of ordinary repairs which do not require a permit:

  • Roofing replacement for a one and two family dwelling
  • Siding replacement for a one and two family dwelling (except replacement with polypropylene siding material)
  • Replacing gutters
  • Painting & trim work

How Do I Apply for a Permit? 

Prepare and submit the following (ask us if you have any questions):

  • Obtain prior approvals - zoning and flood plain permit if necessary
  • Permit applications
  • Two sets of construction plans
  • Plot plan for additions, fences, shed or pools

The 3 Step Permit Process:

  1. The Town Zoning Officer completes the zoning review
  2. The Construction documents are reviewed for code compliance
    1. - This process may take up to twenty working days
  3. If permit are approved construction can begin