Mayor’s Newsletter Message

March 2023
Janice Kovach Mayor
Janice Kovach Mayor

Happy 2023!  As I was cleaning out my files I came across an essay I had written about NJ and Clinton and thought I would share because its my reminder why I live here and what is so special about our state and community.

New Jersey is such an amazing state. You can experience everything from the beach to the mountains, from the rural rolling hill farms to the urban infrastructure of the city.  And everything is within a couple of hours.  I can drive from High Point in Sussex County to Cape May– the two furthest points in the state – in under 4 hours.  

Jersey made me, but Clinton shaped me. It is where I learned about community and public service.  And although I didn’t appreciate or understand those lessons as a kid, as an adult they are the reason that giving back to this community is so important to me.

It is a small 1.3 square mile town with a downtown that is a throwback to the mid-19th century.  Just 50 miles from New York City, it is nestled in the farmland of Hunterdon County, exit 15 (See, I can get a “What exit? in too!) off Route 78.  In fact, when heading west out of Newark Airport, Clinton is listed on the highway sign. What many don’t realize is that it is another 40 miles before you get to Clinton!

Our historic district chronicles the growth of a crossroads hamlet on a major turnpike that grew up in the early 1800s and continued into the post-Victorian era. Our Pony Truss Bridge, one of only a handful of iron bridges left in the US, was traveled daily by people moving between New York and Pennsylvania. 

Clinton has always been a family-friendly community, with its parks and playgrounds, an active community center and public library, history and art museums, family centered community events, a top-rated school system, a walkable downtown, and much more. 

As I describe the beauty that is my hometown and my state, it’s funny how as a kid, I didn’t appreciate all that Clinton was. I thought it was too rural and too far from the all-important mall (Remember, I grew up in the 1980s!) I was going to bigger and better places to live. But when it was time to raise my children, I couldn’t wait to bring them back to Clinton so they could share in the experience I now cherish: the parades, Fourth of July fireworks, walking the falls, hanging out downtown – once we even had the Budweiser Clydesdales come through town while filming a commercial. Those are the memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

New Jersey and Clinton will always be my home. I love this state and this community and all that it has to offer. I hope that each of you can look at Clinton and New Jersey and find the beauty that makes us unique.  #AllRoadsLeadtoJersey #AllRoadsLeadtoClinton

As always if you have questions or concerns please reach out, my cell is 908-399-8921 or email